Chris (wafflesman) wrote,

i am writing again

Okay, its been a long time since i have done any writing. i guess since i am back here at college and this is where i use to do all the writing in it, is where i need to start up with it again and continue doing it again.
It was kinda weird to come back to the college. i guess i was kinda nervous to come back and see everyone but that soon left in no time. it was great to see all the family that came to get me, monica and kim and dan and elona. it was great. i got back and alot of people came to chat with me. I was talking with david, and i guess his dad passed away about 2 weeks ago, we we have a lot in common, also we both play hockey. he was in the hospital for the past two nights because of an allergivc reaction or something like that. but we talked about an hour about me and my situation and it felt good to talk to one of my brothers from the dorm. i have been talking all day to my minastry people. Dave, and Devion and Jenn. it waqs great. they all wanta chat and get to know me more. mostly devon wants to get to know me. hes a great guy.
umm, i am trying to figure out what more to say. i talked to michelle tonight over the phone and might go over and see her and Mike this weekend or something like that., we feel so close together. its great now.
Umm i have a 6 ocolck moreing swim tom. with weights in the afternoon. So i feel myself getting back into shape in no time. it will be great to get all hte muscle back and loose all that soda that is stil stuck in my stomach after the psat two weeks. Umm, what else can i say?
well it seemed kinda of overwhelming this afternoon, everyone saying hi and glad that i was back. i am glad i came back. i needed to come back. Umm, alot of people i talked to saying hi and talking some and all knowing why i left for two weeks and wanted to know waht i was doing and how i was feeling and all. all the MC's have been great. I already said this.
Umm, i think thats about all now. I am in well care and great hands with the campus and the school and the dorm and all.
so i will write again tom. dad
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