Chris (wafflesman) wrote,

writing again, mostly for dad to read. lol

WEll lets see what i am going to write about. This week has been going really well. I got back and got all my homework back that i needed to do to work on. i think the hardest thing right now is chemistry. Karl would love it. its a lot harder than high school chemi, but its going okay.
A good freind of mine, Kirstin, moved down to denver for awhile because she thought it would be better. she use to live in elm. WE talked on the phone and e-mail alot since she has been down there in denver, and now she is commibg back to elm on friday becayse things aren't what she thought and hoped they would have been like. She can't wait to come back and i cna't wait to see her. WHen i am on break i am going to go down to olympia to see her.
Lets see. swim team is going good. getting up at 5:40 and getting in the water at 6. we did 4100 yards today in an hour 1/2 and than weights this afternoon. my summer training is comming back so thats good.
i should be doing better within time, and getting back to my time.
my time in the 500 that is. we did some taping under water today too so i am looking forward to seeing it and see what it looks like.
letsee. i am coming home for thanksgiving break on a wednesdya, so dad, i will be able to make the flight at 9:00 pm that night. so there is no problem. i am still working on christmas. i might be able to come home tuiesday night, of my thanksgiving break. i will let you and everyone else know.
i am trying to figure out what to do this weekend. i ahve swimming and laundry and homework to do too. but michelle wants me to come out, and i really wanta see her. dan and monica and everyone are going somewhere, they invited me. i ma not sure yet. i might get out of here because next week is homecoming and i will be on campus all weekend long.
well, i think that is about all. i am still waiting for some cookies. lol alexis said she is going to send me some.
mom and or dad, when you read this can you put a link or e-mail the address to everyone in the family for me? thanks
well i think that is about all. i am just waiting for that check to clear that went into saving at washington mutual. i hope it goes through. i still have some money left here, so dad, do not worry about it, yet.
well, i got one more thing of homework to do and than i am going to go do something and than go get some sleep for another 6:00 morning swim.
i will write again tom night if i can
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