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hey all again

Okay, let me see where do i need to start. i have about 25 mins to write and lets see if i can get it all in and everything.
well first thing, thank you to dan and elona for letting me come over, or i am guess they were expecting me to come over. i brought all my clothes that have been in my laundry basket for the past couple of weeks to do laundry. i had to do two loads because i had a lot to do, but i got it done. for dinner we had some homemade chicken noodle soup[. it was good. homemade noodles from stratch. it great, and we also had some rolls too. they got some pumpkins and i helps hanna carve hers. Elona felt like doing it, but it seemed really early to do it. ANd we put some halloween docorations up. ones where you stick on the window with water. There was a water bottle that we used and me being the smart a** that i am decided to play around with elona. so a spray there and a spray there and than a dool. we wrestled around trying to grab it from each other and spraying and than knowing beaky, she wanted to have fun so she came down and gave me a painful but interetsting wedgy. i guess its a good thing i had boxers on. my new boxers. Dr. Susi. I can't spell. the author who did green eggs and ham. can someone please teach me how to spell. i need it.
so we got soaked and all but it was fun, and went and got a new shirt and got the other stickers up on the wall.
than i went back and played around. i played pool last night at 12:30 at night. i couldn't sleep.
WEll lets see. this weekend was okay. the campus was dead. a lot of people went home for the weekend. i stayed because i needed to do some stuff. like homeowkr and laundry and see people. i chatted with a lot of my freinds on line. lets ee, Saturday, we had a long practice. a two hour swim and than right over to the weight room and lifted for about :45 mins. It was good. than like 5 of us just staying in the cafiteria for like 2 hours sitting and eating some stuff and making jokes. it was fun.
i stayed at Jareds a good part of the night until like 2. we were burning some music for me so i could clean it off my hard drive and have some more space. Lets see, i have been downloading alot of screen savers and desktop themes, that way i will not get board.
umm, not much more to say.
those dang seahawks, i was playing pool with gary sunday and we got a pizza, with free drinks delivered. Pizza pipline knowns where we are at. they bring pizze all the time right to the dorm. its great.
there is this game going on now around our dorm. its called kill. you sign up, its a week long and each person is assigned someone to kill, not real kill. and you have to do it when no one is around and than kill them. once you kill them than they have to tell you who they were suppose to kill and you go kill that person. its based on points too. and there is no lieing. i forgot to sign up so i will do it next game, next week.
i am almost all caught up with my homework. some more finishing touches on my chemistry homework, and i am writing a paper i missed for writing one. Its a personal narrative and i am writing about the close bond me and my sister, courtney had, before she died. how she did almost everything that i did. such as swimming and trying to stay up and drink coffee and study way into the night. my professor said that would be perfect. i put a little part in there about how she died, because i felt the paper needed that. but i thought this would be good for my greiving and help me get my message out about how almost any infection we get, we could die from because our bodies can't fight much more because we have mbeen on so much antibiotics all our lives that our bodies can't to it anymore. dad, am i right? is that what i am trying to say?
well, lets see. WE started double work outs this week. this week its from 6 to 7:30 in the morning and 3:15 to about 5 in the afternoon. starting when we come back from break it will be from 5:30 to 7:30 and 3:15 to 5:30. alot of swimming for me. with weights and dry land in there as well. i should be lossing weight. i ams till eating a lot but i i am working out big time.
i aqm trying to remember anything else that i can write. its been about 5 days or so since i have written in here. i would like some feedback from people that read this so make comments to me. more the better so i know that people read this.
well in about two weeks i get to go home for break, so will be good.
Dang, kevin is pernoid about this game.
but its a cool one.
WEll get to come home for break and see family and freinds and go out and party and have some fun when i come back
i ahve mid-terms all next week, so be good to do those and leave all my books here when i go home. and see freinds still have all there's. But with homecoming this weekend, its going to be hard. i think i am going to come home thursday. if i don't have practice i will make it home around 8:30 nine. if i do, than i will leave at 5 and be home around 12:00 to 12:30. so not to bad. i will just drink a lot of WATER to stay awake and be pulling over alot.
well i am getting tired of writng. my pump up song is on now. bon jovi, Its my life. i am going to lsiten to this before each race i have this season.
well i will write more later, hopfully not in 5 days but sooner
write comments
later al
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