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again, more of chris

Okay, i am going to write some more but it is not going to be as long as the other one that i wrote. i have to say that i am really tired so i am going to go and get some sleep alot.
I had a swim practice this morning and and one this afternoon. We put about 10,000 yards in today and its only going to be going up more. i went out and got some gaderate, but can't find my carbo fuel i want. i left it at home. i can buy some more.
well, i have been talking with Jami. I have missed not talking to her in a while. we are great freinds and i hope, like i have aid before, that we stay that way. i lvoe you girl. no not that way. lol
let see, i have to do like 20 chemistry problems by friday, its going to be hard with swimming and getting stuff ready for homecomming.
i do get to go home soon, in about two weeks. if i have swim practice i will be home around 1:00 i think. i am going to try and get my made up chemi test done before break too.
well, it think that is about all for now.
please spread the word, of who ever reads this. Jami, send it to freinds at work, like colleen, and Karl, and michelle and people to college. all over the place please. mom and, to family and other people we know.

well i guess thats all for now.
i am going to go to bed adn get some sleep, so i will write more later
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