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hey all

Hey all, okay i am writing again. dang i got to say that this morning work out, sucks big time. last night, we did a long 6700 yard workout and i felt good. it tried to push myself a little bit, and i wrote about that last night. well this morning i woke up and i felt pretty good. not really tired, like i usually am. than when i started going to the pool, i felt tired and it got worse. everyone else was also tired. me and inclding all the other level 2 swimmers were also really tired. i didn't, and we didn't have much time to recover from a 6700 yard workout to the morning for another one. we had nothing in us. and we hurt big time. i went and got some breakfast. its funny, it seems like \in the morning after a workout, food doesn't sound good but i had to force myself to eat because i knew i wopuld be hungry latre and i need my enegery. well i can tell swimming is going good because i seem to be lossing weight. that somewhat beer belly of mine is starting to strink, which is a big time plus for me. i guess the crunches and the situps with weights on ym stomach are helping as well. but swimming is going good.
so after i ate, i went to my lab, biology lab and again, for i don't know how many times had to look at onion seeds for looking for cell division. but this one was cool. we had to prepare our own slides, which was really cool. we had real onions and had to prepare the slides, which measn took the tips of the onion and did all kinds of stuff to get the cells out. after that i went back and slept for about 2 1/2 hours which felt great. i hit my pillow and i was a goner. it was great. i woke up and than had to go and visit a teacher to work on one of my papers for writing one. we always do it for every paper we do in that class.
than went and finally got some lunch and brought my chemistry book. i ate more than reading that. this chapter, chapter 5, i am starting to understand know. i was able to explain something to someone, yesterday so that was big time great.
than swim practice again.
i can tell caoch dodd is a good coach and he knows his stuff, instead of hitting us with another 6700 yard work out we had a team meeting on what the rest of the season will look like. startiung after break, i will be going Monday, tuesday and thursday mornings from 5:30 to 7:30 AM. i will have wednmesday and friday mornings off, which will be nice since i don't have class until 10:40 AM. Than again in the afternoon. Monday, through friday, from 3:15 to 5:30 PM. we have weights on tuesdays with dryland on thursdays. Everyday we will be putting in almost 12,000 yards a day. about 6,000 in the morning and 6,000 in the afternoon. And satruday, if we aren't on the road for a meet, we will be going 2 hour swim with 1 hour weights. but starting november, nos aturday workouts, just meets, along wioth friday meets too. we will be on the road alot. we have the longest road season in history of the swim team. which will be nice. i think. but the pre-meet warm-up we did today. tom knows his stuff because instead of going and gdoing 1000 yards in high school for a meet he has us do some things. like a 15 to 30 min, jsut swim and than some drills, maybe some kick and pull in there, some sprints and build ups and and starts. we tell him waht we wanta do for the dayt, like times and he gives us idead of what we should do to get ready. he knows his tuff big time
well after the workout, it was time for dinner once agian. we went and had dinner, it was good.
than back to the dorm to rest. but, knowning BJ dorm, you don't get time to rest.
this week is all homecoming week and one of the events is dorm decorating contests. like high school, we had home room door decorting. here we had the whole dorm. the theme this year is countdown to the 40s. since we have 2 halls, two floors each, we had it good. we did, the 80's and 70's for the two guy's floor and 60's and 50's for the girls and than 40's in the lounge where there was swinbg dancing. Troy is guiite the dancer ins swing. my floor did the 70's and my roll was a nixon supporter. i had on a black jacket and had a sign supporting him. the way the judges got through was through our time machine, which were little scooters that alot of us ride all over campus. our floor, like i said was the 70's, and we had disco and star wars and all nixon. we went all out. or the whole dorm went all out. then we took a group picture. matty took one and she is going to give me one. than, i went to late night for some more food with gary and jon and arron. other frosh swim team members. arron and jon are some intersting guys. they decided to have a drinking contest of, no not beer, but juices and soda and stuff, i think jon had 13 glasses of different drinks and arron had 12, almost got there. boy they didn't look good, plus they had to bike back to their apartment. but it was alot of fun. the swim team members are all cool. tom night we have frosh tradtionation. it will be cool, i think. alot like our dorm one.\
well i think that is all for now. thingd are going good. i am going to go and get some sleep. pelase write comments to me people
later all
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