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Hey all

WEll, i have nothing really to do right now so i thought i would do some writing again. For some reason, i had the urge to download moody blues - Nights in white satins, the song that was donated to my passed away sister by my dad. i love you dad and courtney. I have been playing it over and over again and almost there at memorizing it. It just hit me today when i was working on it. i was doing nothing and than i heard the song, just the main words, nights in white satin and download it. I am listening to it right now and this is about like the 10th time i have listened to it. I can;'t stop listening to it.

WEll, i just got back from the register's office and i am all registered for spring and jan term classes. I payed my balance, so i am all paid up for the rest of the year. I found out there it came from. The year book. so now that is paid for and i can get it at the end of the year or something like that. I will be taking 14 credits. Mondays i start at 7:50 in the morning. But tuesday is nice. just one class at 9:30 and than i am all done for thuesdays. It is going to be great.
SO i guess i will try to work and stuff. Get some money. I cna study later because when spring term starts, i will only have like 3 weeks left of swimming. that way i can play more hockey and i wil will be able to swim when ever i want too, with waves.

Umm, i felt pretty good at practice. my muscles seem to be hurting a little but more because we went hard yesterday with a long test set and than this morning, all the toys and things. so i think i am doing fine. I didnt drink any carbo fuel and felt better. I guess there comes a time when it jsut doesn't work any more. i am not going to use it for awhile until i start to feel like crap again and than i will go back on it.

Umm gee what else to talk about. i get to go home soon, which will be great. see some friends and swim with the whole high school swim team again.

PLus be able to get some sleep. i better call elona and ask her to drive me to the air port on tuesday. i have no lab, but a big paper due so i am going to finish that all up[ on sunday night and that way i can have fun monday and sleep tuesday and go to class and turn it in, go to practice go to the airport and go home. i have it all figured out. i hope.

WEll i think that is about all for now. Dad, did you read mine from yesterday? i am not sure if you have been reading or looking up this lately or not. But here are some more artilces or things like entries. i am listening to some terminator now. I am going to go copy some more movies, that way i have something to watch on my computer on the planes.

WEll thats all for now. later
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