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Another swim meet

WEll lets see what i need to write tonight. i debated weather or not to write this tonight or wait until tomorrow morning or not. so i thought i would do some tonight. Lets see how the day went. I woke up at 6:20 and got some clothes and walked with Gary to the pool to get the bus. WE had the big nice charter busses to go to the meet. no more going on the school buses. Everyone wanted to watch the movie Rudy, so i brought it, but it took us a long time to figure out how to work the friken VCR. Finally one of my fellow frosh showed up an uperclassmana dn went up and played with it and got it to work. than it took us awhile to figure out how to get to volume up as well. finally it was all good and we watch it. I mostly had my cd player going with my head phones on the whole time passed out with my pillow. Before we even got on the freeway, we stopped off at MCdonaolds for some breakfast. what a thing to eat before we swam, but anyway, it helpped me. i will talk about that later on. Umm lets see. WE got there with about 20 mins left of rudy. But we got there, and for the first time in about 2 weeks we got to see some sun. it was sunny down there, which was nice. it was still cold but at least we got there. the pool, the deck and stuff reminded me alot about OV's pool. it was 6 lanes and it was nice but kinda small. it was bigger but still seemed like OV's pool. i got in and warmed up and didn't feel so hot, but i started to warm up some more i became better warmed up and felt a little better. i had a long meet ahead of me. the first one that i swam, was the 1000 free, which wasn;t bad. around the 600 mark my upper arms really began to tighten up, which wasn;'t bad. it was kinda painful but i love pain. i need pain to keep going. i didn';t get last though. I lapped the Whitman dude, two times but i got laped by kevin like 2 times too, so i got some and gave some. I think i cam out with around a 11:00.00 or something like that. i got to check the web page when it is updated. Okay. the next which was painful was the 100 fly. i don;'t remember it except for the lat 25 because it hurt. The last one when i was tired, i got my career best. that 500 free. i felt like crap and didn;t feel like i was going fast but came out with a 5:37.00. I am going to try and get close to a 5:10 by the end of the year. that will be my goal. when i will be shaved and tappered at the end of the year at conference i hopfeully will get close to it. maybe. we went out to dinner all together after the meet and spend like 2 hours there. that is the good thing about college swimming. we get the big charter busses with the nice seats and TV's and lights oh, and even a bathroom for are pleasure. Umm, i had a good salad a lot of bread and some chicken stripps and taste fries. it was good and than back on the bus for another 3 hour drive home. we watch umm, i don;t remember because i was passed out again. iw as going to bring my chesmitry book to do some reading but i knew that it would just stay in my bag and not get used, since i was sleeping and passed out half the time. umm we got back and it was 8:00. There was something going on in the hub so we went there, a bunch of people from whitworth and somewhere else are part of a break dancing club so we went and watched that and came back.
i think that is about all. I am going to go to bed soon and sleep until i can't sleep any more and tan i have to work some from noon to 2. and Michelle and mike are in town so we are going to go out and eat some lunch and than back to the dorm for a long night of studding for two big exams. i think i will do okay on them i hope. study until about 3 and than go sleep until about 8, and get up and do some more studding and ta=han got and get some breakfast and take exam number one. why am i talking now. i should wait until after.
well i am going to go now and get some sleep. ay right around here when i mean right now for sleep it will be an hour later. so i am going to go to sleep and hour ago, which i think means right now
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