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had a great day and week,

Okay, let me get down to it and see what i can type in about 30 minutes so i can go and get some sleep. i am going to go back wards so i can start with things that happened today and go than. Today was a pretty tight day. I got some good sleep last night. WEnt to bed after watching Jay Leno, at about 12:30 and than woke up at 9 and could not get back to sleep, so i went and stoof in the shower for awhile and tryed to sleep again and said, ah screw that, and went and got some food. some breakfast. some good stuff. A big time waffle, and some biscuits and gracy and eggs. i think that is all still sitting right there in my stomach. SO than i went to class and forgot that i had to until i looked at the time, and i had 5 mintues to get there. i went to class, and came back and studding, umm study, didn't do much of that. just looked for more picture of brittany spears to decorte my room with. i wasn't in the mood. i guess i need more food and candy and penuts and M and m's. hint. lol Than it was time for another chem class. yes this semester is almost over and i can have some fun with athletic training stuff. Umm ya, and than swim practice. i didn't feel very good in practice today. i guess that liter of Mt. Dew last night while haning around was not a very good idea. It hurt. SO now i am going sober from mt dew until after the big swim meet. yes no classes on friday because we leave at 7 in the morning. it is going to be a very long weekend, leaving here friday morning at 7 and get back sunday morning at 4 in the morning. and i still ahve to work and studdy. well there is college for you.
I got to go something to night i haven't done in such as a long time. since we have about 4 or 5 inches of snow out there. dang i havent seen that much in a long time. we had it falling great today.
Kevin got me off my butt from homework, thank you, because i was doing it for an hour and 1/2, and went out and finished others building a huge 13 foot snow man. that was a changlenge. It was cool. and then me and kevin and Little B, and Megan and Erica and Timmy joined in and had a huge snow ball fight for umm like an hour or so i lost count. it was tight. i can't remember the last time i went out and had a ton of fun in the snow and throwing snow. i did get tons of snow in the ear and stuff. so now Kevin and I are tired. I went in and took a shower and kevin decided to play a joke on me. lock the door and make me stand out there in my boxers. i guess he had to get me back from white washing him so much,
PLus after swim practice we all went out, or some of us brave ones and had a snow ball fight in our wet speedos.
Umm lets see,, this week for swim practice has been easy because we are resting for our big invite this weekend. Umm oinly after noon practices are nice because i get to sleep in. sleeping is good. well i can tell is 12:30 right now. i gotta keep on going and type some more before i forget everything.
I downloaded tons of music programs to download music and things. i have been playing with them all night.
i have been studding tooa dn stuff. it is still sitting on my desk here, and i will bring my books with me on the bus to studdy because we will be on the bus alot this weekend. like 8 hours or 9 or 10. just a lot of time just getting there.
lets see, this weekend off was nice. went down with my family to cali and had a great thanksgiving. able to spend time with mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and show everyone what i do with my computer. music and movies, and yes homewokr too. but it was great to spend time with everyone and rest. mom agrees that something was missing, or someone was missing. Courtney., But i am sure she was there with us the whole time.
Umm, things are going good around here. i am getting alot of food and some rest, umm some rest is the k work, not alot. i have my final schedule. i guess its good i am going home on saturday because i have a final on friday. but thats going to be a long weke. i have a writing one final, biology and chem final and a lab final. four finals. i need that food soon. candy candy candy.
Coach said he will go somewhat easy on us for practice too. he is only to want us to be there once a day because he knows we still have to studdy and school comes first.
well i think that is about all for now. i am going to go and get some sleep.
i am hopping for some more food, i mean, sorry some more snow tonight because we used a lot of it tonight. so we need more of it.
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