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hey all again from Waffle's world

Well lets see, this week is going to be okay. I guess starting on friday and going all the way through sunday to monday we are getting non stop snow. And than some cold weather, like below 0 degrees for the next couple of days after that. i hope i can still fly home and everything.
I was talking to jami last night on AOL imer and talking about the pool and stuff, and it sounds like it is really messed up big time and stuff. All kinds of new rookies that just came on and some more going to be coming on. I guess some accidents have happen too that didn't seem to be handled as well as mine and Mandy's spinal about two years ago went. that was a cool one and done by the books, from what Liz and the EMT's said to us. I no court problems or anything from it, yet, i hope. But since camille and I left i guess its been bad and stuff, because Camille and I were the two top veterans of the pool and than we left for college. but we will be back and strenten thouse little rookie lifeguars right on up.
Umm i had a nother meet over the weekend. We traveling to Lindfeild college in Orgeon for a 1 1/2 day invite with tons of teams. There were some teams in our conference there. Not of all of UPS because some of them made the cuts for the UW husky's invite which is really hard to get into from what i understand. but it was a long weekend/ WE got up at 6 and left the school at 7 in the morning on a nice charter bus. SOme slept some people did some homeowkr and others watch many of our movies that we had. we stopped for food and to stretch out and stuff, than we made it, finally and checked into our hotel and went to the first part of the meet. My first race of the intive and for friday was the 500 free. I got in and got a really good warm -up and than for my race to see how much rest i did get that week. I dove in, feeling okay and started racing. i was in the front until the 300 mark when a dude from lindeild snuck up me and took the lead. I coun't keep it. i still came in seconds out of 6 swimmers, and i got a life time best of 5:31.02. it was good and i gurt. Warm-down and shower party. Then we went out for dinner to izzies and ate a big doad. and than to the hotel again for some relazing. relazing? doesn't happen with our swim team. Kevin and Brent and I were watching something on TV and heard a knock on the door, Kevin went and got it, and here come Jonny and MaCann and Troy all rushing in a tackeling. THis is known as fight/wrestling hotel. i was able to take down Troy, and he found out the hard way that i was a wrestler for two years. MaCann was a different story because he sweets to much, but it was fun. The girls next door locked us out of our room and tolet papered our room. We just took Leiane and put her in the shower. Brent and I. she fought big time. WE finally went to bed and got a wake up call the next morning for breakfast, so we attempted to clear up kinda and made our way to the bus, went for breakfast and than back to the pool, again. in the water. I didn't have anything for anohter 4 fours so i relaxed. I had the 1650 around noon, and was ahead the whole time, lapped one dude two times and won it, firs tout of 4 swimmers and got a 19:26.00, ro something like that. than breakfast and we had enough time so we all slept, or some of us, slept on the bus until seasion number 3. i had the 200 fly and i was big time wasted even when i dove in.
I was racing against a guy who swimms for UPS who use to work out with kamiak from marinier HS. He said, just like old times." he did kick my but, but that was because i was wasted. I took last, poor chris. I need work at the fly.
Than dinner and again another long bus ride home. we started watching Chris farley, SNL, and (The bulls), and i think i passed out right before it ended.
finally made it home around 5 and slept until like 11:30, lunch and work and homeowkr.
ya that was my weekend, long and hard. Coach did give us Monday morning off though.

So, next week is finalys week and i have my food and books and ready to go. monday i have classes, and tuesday I have a writing final. WE have to read an essay outside of class and than write an essay in class on it. oh ya i have a lab final that day too in the morning, dang it.Wednesday i have nothing so i will studdy my ass off and swim doubles that day, tuesday i will swim in the afternoon. not morning. that way i can analysis the essay big time. I will swim thursday afternoon i think. I have a chemsitry final exam that day.
Friday i have a animal biology final exam. dang. that alot of food to eat, and coffe to drink and maybe some swimming, and ithan i get to go home, i hope on that saturday.
Umm i think that is about all. i went hard in preactice, today or that last half and flet good. i think i did.
more practice and weights for the first time in 3 weeks, again. tonight.
I think that is all, lunch and class time. later
ANd dad, i do have enough money to finish off the next 2 weeks. I am cool
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