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Another day for Chris

Okay lets see what i can all write here. its been a long day. First of all i guess i should start with tis morning. I was up late last night because i was learning how to break dance, doing the six step and some spins and hand stands and stuff. when i woke up this monring, i was really sore and everything. i was moving a lot last night. the t-30 must have had something to do with it as well. First thing, i woke up at 8:15 because i was going to go and get some break fast before our 9:00 swim workout. Instead, i hit my alarm, and turned it off and went back to sleep. oh i will just sleep for about 10 mins and get up, no problem. So the next thing i new it was 9:10. I jumped out of bed and threw some closes on and went out my door with my scooter. well i had a problem. we had some snow on the ground so i wasn;t able to scooter my way down so i had to use something called legs and walk down. So i got there and there was a meeting going on and of course, Tom, who likes to pick on everyone, gave me a bad time. THought i was out to late last night... i knew he was joking. It was an really easy practice today. got in and did a 200 swim warm-up and than 8 x 125 IM's, weren;t bad and than 6 x 100 kick, decending, also easy. even though my legs were really tired from all the brake dancing i was still able to kick and do okay. Lets see, what else, the fun set, was 100's. off the blcoks all out. we had to get 6 points to be done with the workout. the way it worked is he gave us our best time and added one second to it. than he gave us a range about 4 seconds. so my range was from 1:01.0 to 1:03.00. In order to get 2 points i had beat my 1:01.00 or to get one point i had to make the range. well i decided that i wanted to get this done in no time so i went a 1:00.00 the first one. that was 2 points and than i went a 59, and another 59, so i was done in 3 x 100's. so i got a cool down and waited for everyone else. Than it was time to hit the shower and than it was time for breakfast. i was mad because i have to wait until sunday for some buscuits and gravy. they do not have it on saturday breakfasts. so i have to wait. :(.
So than i went to wake a dude up to go hit the lab, for our review reviewing all the animal phylums and dissections for our lab final exam on tuesday. we were in there from noon until 3. I went back and relaxed, and worked on some chemsitry. After awhile i got really tired of doing homework and decided to give it up for the day. i went to mike's place and watch a movie, mortal combat for about an our and than went to dinner some some people. i wasn;t very hundry today so i only had a burger frys and some pizza, and plenty of Mt. Dew. Oh ya i up dated my labtop desktop theme. Mt. Dew. Along with my Winamp music player skin - mt dew theme as well. So dinner and than, mom and dad you are going to love this. you will see when i come home. A frined and i have been talking about going to the mall and getting our left ear pierced. So we finally went and did it. i have a small ring in my left ear. Its pretty cool. we wanted something new, so we went and did it. So mom and dad you will see it on saturday when i come home. left ear not right. I am not gay. People told us to get left or other wise we would have had problems with our ear. Umm, we came back and than went to the basketball game with a bunch of swimmers who were just chilling in the BJ lounge. Compaired to High school basketball, it was quite a change. Even though there were no cheerleaders, us swimmers decided to take over. Always standing up and yelling adn stuff. I think johnny almost lost his voice, yes again. But it was great. and we ended up lossing. almost won, but couldn;t hold onto it.
There was nothing much else to do, so we went to go and see a movie. We went and saw the new climbing movie, "vertical limits" boy i have to say that is one intense movie. Big time. right from the start, it was intense. it might be hard for dad to go and see with Courtney's death because there, well, was a lot fo death in this movie and stuff. Umm, towards the end of the movie, it seemed to get a lot hard, or kinda hard to watch, but i didnt let others know. because ti was about a brother who was risking his life to go up K2 and save his sister in a cervase from dieing. She told him on the radio, when he was really close, when she was suffering from cerberal addemia, to turn around. He didn;t lsiten and went to got her out anyway. SO it was kinda hard and all. Oh one thing, do not let mom see it or she might never let me go up Mt. Rainier again. Because of what we in it, she will have a nervouse break down. It finally got over a little after midnight and we got back to BJ at 12:30. Than i talked with Troy, RA and team captain. He is a big time christian and believer and we talked about Courtney and talking to me about Christ and all, and ask me about going to church. its s=weird. i guess i still do not know what i want or believe in it will take time and i am waiting for answers.
Well i am not sure what else i can say. i can tell all the mt. dew that i drank today is really taking affect because i am really draned of energy, so i think i am going to go and get some sleep so i can do some studding after i work tom. Well i will write more later
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