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i am finally writing again

Okay, let me see if i can figure out everything that i want to write. dammit it is to dark in here. i need to turn on the light. okay i can write now that the light is on. Let me just start typing and hopfully thigns will come to mind that i need to write about.
First thing i guess i can write about is i found a new roll model. No its not brittany spears or jennifer love hewitt or anyone like them. someone cuter. she is on X-men and Finding forrester, and alos She's all that. You give up. comeone dad i know you know who this is. Anna Paquin. SHe is 18,. ya 18, and very hot and cute. Big time. so i have her stuff all over my computer now. A beatiful picture of her on my icq skin. SO now i can see her all the time.
Okay next subject. gee what do i wanta write about. I have no idea. Okay mask making. i guess i can write about that. mask making is going good. i already have four masks all done. Umm the first one was an animal, a chettah, which the masks sucks. I don't think i am going to keep that one. It was made out of paper mache and paper mache really sucks. Okay the next one was a maks with the earth on the face and the sun around the head. Umm than i made a gargoyle and it turned out okay and the one that i finished today was a half mask of spider man. I think it turned out okay. it looked like spiderman, kinda. I still have three more maks to go and than i will be done. we have a week left of jan term. i just relized that. today is tuesday and the last day of class is on next tuesday. Okay i need to start on my three page paper. na, maybe i will wait till the last min and do it on sunday night.
Okay lets see. tom. i am going out to get my books for next semester. i need an organic chemistry book, oh about $70.00. and than an intro to athletic training with workbook which is $80.00, and an emergency responce book, $40.00. And a plant biology book and i have no idea how much that is. Okay and than notebooks to i can take a hell of alot of notes. So i am doing that tom. and get all those books and get them all out of the way.
okay next subject. my working and everything like that. Umm still working for saga. I have been in the dishroom for about 4 months now and than starting in about 2 weeks, i will be one of the prep cooks. Good to be getting back with the food before people eat and make it, just like i use too. going to be good fun. And than i will doing another job, working for the onion as a buser or maybe i can get a job as a prep cook. I might be able to go two prep cook jobs. Or not i will just be a buser. they make good money from tips. SO we will have to wait and see what happens.
Okay next onto swimming and talk about how well that is going. Umm right now i am hurting really bad. My times are getting slower. I guess i still haven;t recovered from the cali trip and winter training. but we have about 2 1.5 weeks to go and i think todd is tappering me and along with someothers too. i love tapper. i am going in the afternoons instead of the mornigns too. tom is trying to rest me up and everything. i felt okay in practice today/. so i think someof the resting is okay.
Umm the thing with conference is it is a three day meet. the pre-limes are in the morning at 10, all three days and than the same events, the finals are in the enening at one day isnt pre-lims and the other day ISN"T finals. prelimes and finals are on the same day. They jsut spread out the events and everything. So that will be good. i think/
I really can't remember what else to write about. is this good for now>? If i think about anything else i will write later
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