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Time to write

Okay, i am going to see how much i can write here. it has been a long time since i have done any writing so i am going to cram it all in. FOr some reason i have been a doing a lot of thinking over the past week and stuff. i would just dooze off into the space or something like that and start thinking about stuff. i thought about a lot of things. like one thing that i always think about is why we are here. like what is the meaning of life. Why did God put us on this earht, and why is there even US? what is the point. and stuff like that. I think alot about what the future holds for me. What am i suppose to do? Become a doctor? work as an athletic training? contuniue my education to grad school and get a masters in biology. Or go to the fire academy and become a fire fighter and paramedic and do that for the rest of my life? i am not sure what od do about a carerr, but did see a fision of the future. And it was kinda of what i pictured it and what i want. what i want and kinda visioned about my family life is living down south, close to southern california, away from the city, really close to the ocean so i can be near that water. maybe not water frount property but close to it and so i can see it. kinda up on a hill, like we have mt. Wafstet. I want a good size house were i can have a lot of room for stuff, a good size property so my dogs can run around. I have always wanted dogs. the three i plan on having is a german shepard, a black lab and a yellow golden retriever. i want a big peice of property so they have plenty of room to be dogs, to go run around. LIke i said i saw this in a vision and believe thsi will happen. then a wife that shairs my interests and two kids, a boy and girl,, one named courtney and another i am not sure yet. i alwasy think about that stuff and if it is going to happen and if it happens the way i vision. The other stuff the i think about alot is when i will meet that special girl that i can share stuff with. i am interested in a girl right now in a class, but not sure if anything will come of it. i think alot about courtney as well, about the memories that we had and what she is doing and hopping that she is still watching down on us. I think alot of about the family too, about how they are doing as well. Thinking about what they are doing and thinking and all. i just think about a lot of stuff. About my goals and dreams as well. about climbing rainier again and maybe mckinely and K2 one of these days.
Lets see. classes are going good for me. I am take organic chemsitry and still trying to figure out why because not going to need much of it for sports med. i am understanding a lot of it and jsut took our first test. i was studding for it alot and i think i did okay on it. i get it back tom. some of the stuff that we alearning in that class are really intersting to me. so it is going good.
Umm another class that i am taking is intro the sports med. that class is my favorite i think. the instructor we got, Russ, knows his stuff likes to tell storuies and a pretty good guy. good visial aids too. his knees and thumb joints for example/ but it is going good. got a group of peop[le that i study with. our first test we studdied together for 5 hours going over stuff. 5 hours straigh and i think we all did good.
Another class that i am taking is plant biology. i gotta say it is a hard class and one that i am not getting a good grade in and do not studdy for that much. alot to know for the final so i need to get going on it.
The other class i got is gospel of mark. dang, edwards has analiyze this chapter in the bible to the bottem, he knows it left and right, better than Mark did i think when he wrote it. we have our first test on it tom, so i think i am going to do okay on it. just got done studding with someone for an hour 1/2 and feel good
another class, emergency resposne, good class, mike is a good teacher, but mostly review for me for being a 5th year veteran lifeguard.
So its going good. got an A on the first test so it is lookin good for the sports med program right now. i just need to keep it going and stuff
lets see. let me talk about the rest or the last part of the swimming year for me. i did go to the conference swim meet, while recovering from the flu with a sever sinus infection and bronchitis. lets see. the first event that i did was the 500 free. i made it in to the consult heat that night, not thinking i would. and lets say its a race that i want to forget because i dove in and after the 100 mark, my goggles were all full of water. i through them off when i missed a turn and couldn't see a thing. after that, i was pissed an upset. i thought about not comming back next year because didn't feel like i was doing the team any good. but than relized i am swimming against and with people who have been doing age group since they were 6 years old. i know i need to work hard and will. The next day did the 200 free, goggles were fine and droped 3 seconds and did a 2:05. oh ya my final time in the 500 was a 5:35.00. big bad time. my best is a 5:28, so i didn;t get it.
The next day, and the final day was the 200 fly. that i the event that i didn;'t train that much in but dropped 6 seconds. i dropped 3 seconds in the prelims and was fast enough with a 2:29 or something like that to go on that night.
so i had time to rest and made it in
i dropped more time and went a 2:25, my best time all season. what a way to end the season. and on top of it. we won the meet, the first time since 96 for the guys. so it was good.
Lets see what else to say. not sure. i have made alot of friends around here and stuff. hang with the swim team and all but also people off the swim team. lets see i got laura my birdy who i chill with a lot of talk and mess around and stuff. i got my bro jared O, not jared family dude. we are in classes and gank each other, no not a sexual way. a fun way. a cool way. and shit there is canada and other people. tons of stories from canada, aka MIKE
umm i think that is all for now. anyone who reads this can send me any comments they want and stuff. so its cool
SO later.
i hope i didn;t forget anything i wanted to chat about.
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