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I am finally writing again

Well, its been a long time since i have done any writing. I am going to try and take the past two weeks, or something like that and cram them in as fast as i can. I guess I am also taking a break from homework as well. I just got doing about 2 hours of just plain old chemistry homework and studding. I have two big exams on monday and i do not want to put it off and kill my self all of sunday studding for it, which i usually do. I found a trick for studding for exams. go through my notes over and over again and take note cards. each note card is a new subject or idea and than i add to it. most of them are equations and constant figures or numbers i need to remember. That was for chemistry. I do that for my animal biology class too. a card for each phylum and class i neeed to know and info about them and than key terms as well. that is only 2 class. dan, spring semester i will be doing this for like 5 classes. i need to go shopping for some more ntoe cards here. what do i do with them after wards?
WEll lets see. swimming has been going good. this week has been really hard. Tom has really been kicking our butts. Lets go back a week or two. Friday, we had our first meet. Us freshman had our college swimming debute. Did i spell that right? It was good. I should have kept my big mouth shut because i told him and the rest of the team at our pre-season meeting that i swim distance and want to try the 200 fly, when we went around and told our names and what we swim. well i got to swim it and i think i will be a regulars swimmer. of the 200 butterfly. I swam it at a 2:30.00. I think thats okay. It hurt big time but i like it. Lets see. i swam the 200 free too and got a 2:08. High school and college swimming meets are different. instead of taking the day off. we had a double workout. One at 5:30 in the morning, and than a workout warm-up at 4:00 and than the meeet at 6:00. It was cool. instead of going up and getting cards from the coach, we don't do that. and whenw e are swimming there is an anouncer saying our names and lane and team. its tight. WE have a lot of support. Big time. instead of seeing like 10 parents, we saw tons of parents, and freinds and professors. the football team wasn't there so people came to see what swimming is like. and i don't expect to see any of our spectators in the pool swimming with us anytime soon.
Saturday, we had anohter 2 hour swim and than a meet. i swam the 200 at the same time and than the 500 at a 5:44. not my best but i didn't have anyone to race. Troy was in another lane, 2 away and kicked my but big time.
i have a lot of work to be doing.
lets see. this whole week i have been going to the trainier, or also known as the treatment center. ever since that 200 fly in the race my muscles have been sore and than painful after and some during practice. so i will go to the treatment center to get head/sand/heat packs on my upper arms, around my deltoid for 15 mins and get stretched out, and than after practice get huge ice packes, and get them wrapped so i can go to dinner. dang, ew have some really cute studetn athletic traniers. all the male swimmers agree.

well, i think i figured out my classes for jan term and spring semester. I am going tom. during one of my classes, i get to skip on, a class, to regester. Lets see. I am taking organic chemsitry one. I heard some stories about that class. its hard. Those note cards are going to come in handy i think. lets see. Umm Emergency repsonse, that i need for sports med before i can apply, along with intro to athletic training. Umm a half semester of plant biology and a 1/2 semester of microbial biology. than my a semester of, which is all of spring os my religion credit of the gospel of mark. Greta said its the best class she has. Umm than i have a lab. I think that is all i am taking . 5 classes and a lab. Might be taking 6 classes. not sure.

For jan term i am taking mask making. Josh said take it, its a cool class. alot of the swimmers are taking it. while everyone else is is studding and reading, i and the other swimmers will be out sledding and have fun.

Lets see. i am not sure what else i can say. I am playing hockey on some sunday nights too but its hard because i have to get up at 5 the next morning

I talked to karl last night because kamiak just started swimming on monday. so i wanted to see how it went. they did the normal first day, 2 x 100's starting on the 1:40 and dropping :05 each 100 and kept on going until they could make no more. karl did one on the 1:05. he has been training hard with SSCD. I can;'t wait to go back and see them, the girls too. haha

ALl i have been watching really is star wars. over and over again. i am trying to download it as well that we i have something to watch while making all those plane flights back and forth all over the place.

lets see. i am tired from swimming today because we had a hard test set of 16 x 50 on the 1:30, all out each 50. It was hard and painful. At least i wasn't with the distacne lane who did 3 x 800 @ 15.00., all out. kevin siad it sucked. Umm i was holding like 28's on the 50's. so they felt okay.

Dinner was great tonight. we had not the usual type of dinner. WE had a thanksgiving turkey dinner with it set up like a bafett, and turkey and mash potatoes, oh ya and gravey and everything else. hte tables all nice and stuff with candles. It was great. I was full big time too.

Every new i wa a swimmer waiting in line because of my huge ice bags wrapped on my arms.

Speaking of being known. i got my pciture in the school newspaper under our article about our home opener for swimming. my in the air doing a dive on the relay from saturday's meet. huge picture too. Gee they pick the slow freshman to be in the picture.
It was great. I am going to cut it out and put it outside our door.

Umm, gee i don't think there is anything else that i am going to write about now. I am running out of food here mom and dad and everyone that is reading this.
We have dorm sweatshirts and hats comming soon. yes we have to pay for them too.
I think that is all for now. i hope dad that you check this in the morning. it should make your day that you read that, that i wrote this.

i get to go home soon. Monday is hard for me. I have two big exams and than on tuesday a big 7 to 10 page research paper.

well thats all for now
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