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Chris is really tired

Hey everyone who is reading this. Lets see i am tired, physcially and mentally. Lets first start off with the physcial tired side of me. First of all, i had a big chemistry exam today, which i think i did okay or really well today. I am looking for a high B, or maybe a low A like i did on my last test. I stayed up until 1:00 last night, and around that time i had to go and get some sleep. Coach gave me the morning off. I woke up around 7:00 or early or something like that and Kevin was still sleeping. He sletp right on through his alarm and missed practice. i got up and went and go some breakfast with my books, and than to animal biology. More ntoes and than i skiped lunch to go study for another hour for chem and finished up rewriting some of my writing one paper and finally got those in before 5 today. SO finally all that stuff was over with. oh crap am i talking about the mentally tired or physcially? i guess the mentally and thats all. The other thing that i am mentally tired from is our T-30 today. I had to mental out the pain we had, for swimming all out for 30 mins. it was hard but i played around and kept my head straight.
Lets see the physically part tired of me. I just got done with doing some break dancing. ya it is true. Chris tried something different than swimming and playing hockey. There is a bunch of hawaiians and some white guys who do this stuff around campus and troy got them to come for duty tonight, to show some skills and teach. so i broke out of my swimming/hockey sheel and did some dancing. not bad stuff. i am also tired from that T-30 that i said about before. I did get 75 yards more than last time which is good for 30 mins of swimming.
I think that is about all. I am going to go to bed soon because i have a 9:00 morning workout. sure beats 5:30 in the morning. ANd than in the lab for 4 hours and than going to chill, hit the mall and stuff with some friends, and all and than study again on sunday, with a hockey break at 10:00 at night, to realieve some stress and crap. At least i have no tests or anything on monday, but i wanta get a lot of my studding done this weekend.
well ys that is all for now. i am going to call it good, watch the rest of my movie and hit the bed.
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